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  This is a study-like pawn endgame. The winning method is famous and that is one of very important motifs in pawn endgames and its name is shouldering or bodycheck! Event: German League 2018. White: Genov, Petar WhiteElo: 2428 Black: Stevic, Hrvoje BlackElo: 2588 Result: 1/2-1/2    

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Carlsen-Caruana, WCh Rapid TB 2018

  Event: WCh Rapid TB 2018 Date: “2018.11.28 White: Carlsen, M. WhiteElo: 2835 Black: Caruana, F. BlackElo: 2832 Result: 1-0 World Championship match: First game of rapid. This endgame was probably the key moment in the match because after this game Magnus just rushed and took the title again. This is very complex rook endgame. […]

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  Event: 4th Croatian league White: Jurkovic, Dinko WhiteElo: 1745 Black: Maravic, Ivan BlackElo: 1836 Result: 0-1 Taking things too easy, even in a dead draw positions, often lead to unpleasant surprises. In this game Black effectively utilized his oponent’s careless attitude.   Similar breakthrough motif is well-known from the classic example Kotov-Botvinnik. Related Posts:
R+2P vs R Recent Practical EndGames


  Event: “34th ECC Open 2018” White: “Blomqvist, Erik” WhiteElo: “2499” Black: “Svidler, Peter” BlackElo: “2756” Result: “0-1” When I first saw this ending, at first glance I thought Black was winning. White rook is very passive and he has no future, and also the white king is cut off along e-file. But the truth, […]



Kotov-Botvinnik * Chess Endgames

B-858 (Kotov-Botvinnik)

  If in similar positions with a tied king the bishop can protect its weak pawns on the other wing, a win will be possible only if somehow in some wondrous way a second passed pawn can be created. A brilliant, truly study-like example on the theme was contributed by the former world champion Mikhail […]


  6.6.2. Rook against two pawns Even though, statistically speaking, rook is materially much more valuable than two pawns and most often than not, manages to prove its tactical merit and power, in these endgames the weaker side has quite good prospects to get saved. Position of pieces greatly effects the outcome of the game. […]


  Even more beautiful is the study by F. Saavedra dating from 1895, which point out the unsurpassed depths of chess play.   ← Basic EndingsBasic Endings →


Opposition And Key Squares

Opposition and Key Squares in King and Pawn vs King endings

    Key squares and the opposition are the basic rules in king and pawn endgames. This video is recapitulation of positions P-12, P-13 and P-14 from Basic Chess Endgames by GM Vlado Kovacevic.

R-230A (Tarrasch, 1906.)

  In the position with the central pawn on the seventh rank, there is an essential difference between the situation with the black king on the shorter and the king on the longer side. Black can be saved only when his king on the shorter side, provided that he can check sideways. The following position […]