Chess Endgame Puzzles. Collection of instructive puzzles from chess endgames.

Chess Endgame Puzzles

Chess Endgames Puzzles In this post you can find collection of instructive chess endgames puzzles. We choose puzzles from classical chess endgames, chess studies and practical chess games.  Puzzles are updated periodically, new puzzles are added, some of old puzzles may be excluded. We have included some very easy puzzles, but also some quite […]

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  The most difficult in queen endgames is to realize minimal advantage. Queen and pawn can win against queen if the weaker side’s king is not in front of the pawn and if it is possible to prevent draw by repetition. The best chances to win are with the pawn on the seventh rank, and […]

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  Queen easily wins against a rook alone. The winning plan is based on driving Black to the edge of the board, and creating zugzwang which forces the rook to separate from the king. Then a double blow or mating attack with decide. The winning strategy will be examined on the example of a Philidor’s […]

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  Now that we have examined all methods of defense, let us see positions where White has realized his strategic maximum – the black king driven to the eighth rank; and the reached opposition indicating a mating attack. We shall see the Philidor’s position where the kings occupy the central file, which was researched by […]

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