Rezan Brkic pawn endgame

Režan-Brkić, pawn endgame

  This position could have arisen in the game Rezan-Brkic,Zadar open 2015. During the game I thought this pawn endgame should be a draw, but after the game I found very interesting idea which doesn’t bring a victory for Black but makes the white defense more difficult.   Event: Zadar open 2015 Date: 2015.12. White: […]

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Martinovic Videki


  Very interesting opposite colour bishop endgame. At the end this game ended with the same position as the longest game in history of the World Championship matches.   Event: TCh-AUT 2018-19 Site: Austria AUT Date: 2018.11.15 White: Martinovic, Sasa WhiteElo: 2563 Black: Videki, Sandor BlackElo: 2400 Result: 1/2-1/2  

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Edouard Akobian


  I was very impressed by how well Black played this queen endgame. Event: St Louis Spring A Site: Saint Louis USA Date: 2018.03.08 White: Edouard, Romain WhiteElo: 2612 Black: Akobian, Varuzhan BlackElo: 2640 Result: 0-1   Key moments in the game:                    

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Svidler-Carlsen, Minor Piece Endgame

Svidler – Carlsen

  Very unpleasant ending to defend but the world champion did it without a mistake. Event: 34th ECC Open 2018 Date: 2018.10.18 White: Svidler, Peter WhiteElo: 2756 Black: Carlsen, Magnus BlackElo: 2839 Result: 1/2-1/2   Conclusion: 1.  In the open position with pawns on both sides bishop is usually better than knight. Very often it […]

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