Practical EndGames Analysis R+2P vs R+P


Event: “34th ECC Open 2018”
White: “Blomqvist, Erik”
WhiteElo: “2499”
Black: “Svidler, Peter”
BlackElo: “2756”
Result: “0-1”

When I first saw this ending, at first glance I thought Black was winning. White rook is very passive and he has no future, and also the white king is cut off along e-file. But the truth, found after deeper analysis is quite different, this is a drawn ending!


GM, FT Ante Brkic

Ante Brkić is a Croatian Chess Grandmaster and a FIDE Trainer. He won the Croatian Chess Championship in 2010. Ante was a member of the national team many times. His peak rating was 2621.