Carlsen-Caruana, WCh Rapid TB 2018

Practical EndGames Analysis Rook Endgames with more Pawns


Event: WCh Rapid TB 2018
Date: “2018.11.28
White: Carlsen, M.
WhiteElo: 2835
Black: Caruana, F.
BlackElo: 2832
Result: 1-0

World Championship match: First game of rapid. This endgame was probably the key moment in the match because after this game Magnus just rushed and took the title again. This is very complex rook endgame. White is a pawn up, but his king is on the first row and it’s not clear how to improve his position.



GM, FT Ante Brkic

Ante Brkić is a Croatian Chess Grandmaster and a FIDE Trainer. He won the Croatian Chess Championship in 2010. Ante was a member of the national team many times. His peak rating was 2607.