Chess Endgame Puzzles. Collection of instructive puzzles from chess endgames.

Chess Endgame Puzzles

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Collection of chess endgames puzzles



In this post you can find collection of instructive chess endgames puzzles. We choose puzzles from classical chess endgames, chess studies and practical chess games.  Puzzles are updated periodically, new puzzles are added, some of old puzzles may be excluded.

We have included some very easy puzzles, but also some quite difficult that can be hard to solve even for experienced  chess players. If some endgame puzzle if too difficult for you or you just find it not interesting, you can move to next puzzle. We recommend to solve every puzzle. By solving easy ones, chess player improves her/his endgame technique. Besides, this is very important for practical play. Most importantly, difficult chess puzzles improve you calculation, chess vision and imagination. This is true for endgame puzzles as well.

Try to solve every puzzle without moving the pieces. For hard ones that require some calculation, it is highly beneficial to write down what you have calculated. Later you can compare your calculation with the solution. When you finish calculation, move the pieces on the puzzle board. However, only correct moves are accepted. After you solve one puzzle, next endgame puzzles loads automatically.

If some solution is not clear to you, try to find that or similar position on our portal. Chances are you will find such position clearly explained because endgame books by GM Vlado Kovačević are very comprehensive. Besides that, we constantly add new and instructive chess endgames analysis.  For instance, you can use main menu to search through categories.

In endgame puzzles you have to find the best moves for the side you are playing, that is, the easiest and quickest way to win or the most simple path to a draw.