Svidler-Carlsen, Minor Piece Endgame

Svidler – Carlsen

  Very unpleasant ending to defend but the world champion did it without a mistake. Event: 34th ECC Open 2018 Date: 2018.10.18 White: Svidler, Peter WhiteElo: 2756 Black: Carlsen, Magnus BlackElo: 2839 Result: 1/2-1/2   Conclusion: 1.  In the open position with pawns on both sides bishop is usually better than knight. Very often it […]

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Dreev-Robson endgame

Dreev – Robson

  White is better because this is one of classic positions where the bishop is better than the knight. The pawns are on both flanks and what is most important white king is closer to the center than black king. Of course with best play Black shouldn’t lose but it’s not an easy job when […]

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  There is an important difference in positions where Black uses the seventh-rank knight defence. In a similar position with the c-pawn Black draws regardless of who is to move. Here again Black to move draws by repetition: 1.. .Nd6+ 2.Ke7 Nc8+ ( Also possible 2…Nf5+. ) or gains a pawn. But White to move […]

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  There are many similarities between positions with the central pawn and corresponding to positions with c- or b-pawns, so that for positions with the d-pawn detailed explanations are not necessary. To illustrate this, we shall look into a typical position with the pawn on the seventh rank, where the white king controls critical squares […]

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  c ) Bishop and c-pawn against Knight In endgames with the c-pawn on the seventh rank there is almost no difference with regards to similar positions with the b-pawn. The stronger side may, in principle, count on winning only in situations when their king is on the side of the knight, i.e. when the […]

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