Event: “27th TCh-CRO Div 1a 2018” White: “Georgiev, Kiril” WhiteElo: “2590” Black: “Beliavsky, Alexander G” BlackElo: “2540” Result: “0-1” It is clear at first glance that White is close to a draw. The most important question which White should ask himself is how he needs to set up his pieces. The pawns are on […]

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  When the bishop is actively positioned on the a1-h8 diagonal and obstructs the approach to the g-pawn, i.e. threatens with a back-rank attack on the opponent’s pawns, White will have to show the highest skill to realize the win. As an illustration, let us see the Radev – Pribyl endgame ( Tbilisi, 1971 ). […]

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