R 635


  When, in a similar position, Black has a-pawn, then he can easily draw. However, if White did not move forward with the h-pawn and could move the king along the h-file, black position could be very critical. The outcome is then decided by the speed at which Black can support the advance of his […]

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R 633a


  Of great practical importance are similar positions with laterally defended b- passed pawn on the second rank. To understand them fully, it is first necessary to know the following marvelous position, which has not been particularly emphasized by the endgame theory to date (V. Kovacevic, 2003).  

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R 632


  Draw is also possible with pawns on the fourth rank, because Black can still make a timely pawn sacrifice to achieve a life-saving blockade. He just must not let both pawns to get to the fifth rank. You can see how the defense should be managed in the following example (Rudakovski-Tolush, USSR 1945 Championship.

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