Solak-Saric rook endgame


  Very complex rook endgame. White is a pawn up but it’s not easy to move his kingside pawns. Black has a threat …Rd2 and White has to think about it immediately. Event: Istanbul ol (Men) 40th Date: 2012.08.31 White: Solak, Dragan WhiteElo: 2599 Black: Saric, Ivan BlackElo: 2638 Result: 1/2-1/2    

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Carlsen-Caruana, WCh Rapid TB 2018

  Event: WCh Rapid TB 2018 Date: “2018.11.28 White: Carlsen, M. WhiteElo: 2835 Black: Caruana, F. BlackElo: 2832 Result: 1-0 World Championship match: First game of rapid. This endgame was probably the key moment in the match because after this game Magnus just rushed and took the title again. This is very complex rook endgame. […]

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Kovačević – Radovanović

  Event: “23rd Bosnjaci Open, 2018.” White: “Kovacevic, Blazimir” WhiteElo: “2486” Black: “Radovanovic, Nikola” BlackElo: “2441” Result: “1/2-1/2” EventCountry: “CRO”     Conclusion: 1. Play g4! with white when the black pawn is still on the h7 (also if you are black then play …h5). 2. Black should not allow g5 from white, because it […]

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