What is is a chess portal specialized for endgames. Our intention is to cover everything related to chess endgames.
It is designed for both educational approach for those who want to learn the theory and encyclopedic  approach for those who want to research particular theme.

Who is it for?

Everyone interested in chess endgames. Amateurs, club players, trainers, professionals, everyone can find something to improve their knowledge and understanding of chess endgames.

How is it organized?

An article describing one chess endgame is the main building block of our portal.


What about quality?

Endgame articles are analyzed and written by chess experts. Our Editorial Board is comprised only of Grandmasters and strong players.
Quality is very important to us and we try to double check everything with tools like engines and tablebase.
Still, if you find a mistake of any kind, we would appreciate your feedback, [email protected]


What kind of positions are included? How do you choose endgames to analyze?

The basis of our portal are excellent books by distinguished endgame expert GM Vlatko Kovacevic. In his 7 books, Vlatko covers all the basic endgames, pawn, knight, bishop, minor piece, rook, rook and minor piece, and queen endings.
We also analyze interesting endings from recent games, as well as classic examples and endgame studies.


Is it free or paid?

Some content is free. Our idea to offer enough quality content for free, so that anyone interested can learn the basics and beyond.
In order to keep everything at highest possible level, paid membership will be required to access all content and features.