QUEEN AGAINST TWO PAWNS Two pawns can fight against queens only if they are far advanced and have support of their king. Obviously, most dangerous are connected pawns, while isolated or doubled pawns can rarely save the game.   Connected pawns With king support, the biggest chance to draw have pawns on seventh rank, […]

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  If white king is two steps away from key squares b3 or c2, then it is possible to construct mating net even after Black promotes. It means that winning area is bounded by fifth rank squares form a5 to d5, and e-file squares from e1 to e4.       ← Basic EndingsBasic Endings […]

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Queen Endings

Q-1 (Queen Endings)

  QUEEN ENDINGS In this book we will examine all kind of queen endings. Queen is a long-range piece which features great mobility and tactical power since it combines capabilities of rook and bishop. The queen moves in two dimension, she does not have knight’s possibility of jumping over other pieces. Thus, queen’s mobility, speed […]

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