Practical EndGames Analysis R+Ps vs B+Ps


Event: “27th TCh-CRO Div 1a 2018”
White: “Georgiev, Kiril”
WhiteElo: “2590”
Black: “Beliavsky, Alexander G”
BlackElo: “2540”
Result: “0-1”

It is clear at first glance that White is close to a draw. The most important question which White should ask himself is how he needs to set up his pieces. The pawns are on good places, they don’t have to move. An ideal place for the bishop is f5. From that square he controls his pawn on g4 and, even more important, the diagonal b1-h7. The king should be at e2. Why? The only plan for Black if he wants to do something is to come with his king to e1 and put the rook on b2 and White would be in serious trouble, but with king on e2 and with bishop on f5 that plan is not possible.



1 ) Fortress is one of the main defensive motives in the endgame.
2 ) In static positions it is very important to conclude which are the ideal squares for your pieces.

GM, FT Ante Brkic

Ante Brkić is a Croatian Chess Grandmaster and a FIDE Trainer. He won the Croatian Chess Championship in 2010. Ante was a member of the national team many times. His peak rating was 2621.