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Giambattista Lolli

Great Endgame Masters Theme of the Month 01/21: Lolli's Endgames


Giambattista Lolli (full name: Giovanni Battista Lolli) was Italian chess player, one of the best players and theoreticians of the 18th century. Several opening lines, as well as endgame positions, bear his name.

Born in Nonantola, 1698. he belonged to Modenese school of chess, together with Domenico Ponziani and Ercole del Rio. The three of them were known as the Modenese Masters. They played active, aggressive chess, advocating rapid pieces development, quick attacks on the enemy king, not afraid to sacrifice material on the way. Popular openings in Modena School  were open games, especially Italian Game (Giuoco Piano) and King’s Gambit.

Giambattista Lolli was great chess theoretician, one of the best of his time for sure. He is best known for his famous book Osservazioni teorico-pratiche sopra il giuoco degli scacchi (english: Theoretical and practical observations on the game of chess). The book was published by Stamp. di S. Tommaso d’Aquino, in Bologna 1763. on 632 pages! In the book, Lolli analyzes opening variations, mainly of Italian Game, but also about hundred endgame positions.

Lolli’s mate

One of basic checkmate patterns is named after Giambattista Lolli.

Lolli mate
Lolli mate










In his book, Lolli has analyzed some opening variations, most of all the sharp lines in open games. This was in accordance with tactical style of old Italian masters.  Lolli variation in Two Knight’s Defense and Lolli Gambit in King’s Gambit are still known today.



Giambattista Lolli’s Osservazioni contains about 100 endgame positions. We will analyze some of them in following posts.



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