Basic Chess Endings - book by GM Vlado Kovacevic

GM Vlado Kovacevic: Basic Chess Endings Endgame Books


GM Vlado Kovacevic is a member of our team and his great books are a valuable part of this portal.

Vlado is a legendary Croatian chess Grandmaster and leading endgame expert. Vlado wrote excellent Chess Endings books in 7 volumes. Most of his work is published in Croatian language and some also in English.

Selected endgames from these books feature a separate book  – Basic Endings.

Chess students can find analyzed positions from the book Basic Endings online on our site

Basic Endings  – beginning of the book; Pawn Endgames chapter.  – Knight Endgames chapter. – Bishop Endgames chapter. – Minor Piece Endgames chapter. – Rook Endgames chapter. – Rook and Minor Piece Endgames. – Queen Endgames chapter.