How to use


For beginners who want to learn the basics:

We recommend to go through the book Basic Endings by Vlatko Kovacevic. You can read it online in our pgn reader.
Each position in the book has links to previous and next position; it should be fairly easy to navigate through the book.


For advanced players who want to broaden their knowledge and deepen the understanding of chess endgames:

In this case we can recommend to study all posts from chosen endgame type (category).
You can begin with Pawn Endings, or you can start with any other category, depending on your interests.

To access all posts, Premium membership will be required!


Search position based on material

In this case, category search, available from the main menu, should be the first step.


Search based on endgame theme or motif

Motifs are marked with Tags. Tag cloud from homepage can help with all available motifs.


Advanced Search

Advanced search with more options will be available for Premium customers.


Search Results

In any kind of search, you will get a list of articles/positions as a search result. From that list, you can open positions that you like.
One possible technique is to open articles that interest you in new browser tab and to keep results page in first tab.


Play the position!

Any educative position can be played against engine in any move. You can toggle between moves/comments and play against engine. Playing the position is very useful in your learning path!



Endgame exercises should serve two purposes:
– test your endgame knowledge
– reinforce endgame play routine

In exercises you have to find the strongest move(s), fastest and simplest way to win (or draw).