Kopac 1966

Kopac 1966.

B+2P vs N+2P Composed Studies Theme of the Month 02/21: Passed Pawns in Minor Piece Endgames


It’s time for the February Theme of the Month. This month we will look at minor piece endgames with passed pawns. There are several techniques, strategies, motifs and even some beautiful combinations employed to exploit the power of the passed pawn. Some of them will occur in your tournament practice for sure.

The first position is from the Kopac 1966. study. Both sides have passed pawn, but White to move can capture the black passer with prospects to promote his own pawn to a queen…





CM, FI Boris Sudar

Boris Sudar graduated at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb. Boris holds FIDE titles: Candidate Master and FIDE Instructor.