E-book: Knight Endgames N+P vs 2P


The stronger side faces the greatest problems in converting advantage to victory when also the blocked pawn is on the rook’s file since then it cannot be effectively defended by the knight. The following position arose in the game Arsenic – Kostic, Yugoslavia, 1948. It is so sensitive that the outcome of the game hangs by a tempo! If White had the move he would draw easily by 1.h4; Black to move wins in a study-like manner. His winning plan is based on simultaneously preventing the advance of the h-pawn whilst frustrating the counter-attack on the a-pawn until the king can take over the full control of the h-passed pawn thus freeing the knight for the attack on the a-pawn. This complex manoeuvring struggle is made easier by the fact that the exchange of the knight for the h-pawn always wins provided the black king does not take more than three moves to eliminate the a-pawn i.e. if the black king is not further than the d-file!


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