E-book: Knight Endgames N+3P vs N+2P


3.9.3. Pawns on Same Wing – No Passed Pawn

On the basis of the afore-mentioned material we can easily deduce that the weaker side will stand the best drawing chances in endings with pawns on the same wing – none of them passed. Whilst the stronger side will attempt to create a passed pawn, the weaker side will try to reduce material transforming the position into some of the drawn knight and pawn against knight endings. A successful defence depends first and foremost on the soundness of the pawn structure as well as piece-activity. If the pawn structure has been weakened by advancing pawns prematurely, the stronger side usually wins easily – especially if it can create a passed pawn. This general assertion is corroborated by the ending of the game Prandstetter – Doncev, Prague, 1985.


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