E-book: Pawn Endgames K+2P vs K+2P


2.5.2. One Passed Pawn

Endings with one passed pawn have essentially different positional characteristics. As in endings of king and two pawns against one pawn, also here a protected and distant passed pawn represent a considerable advantage. Just to remind you – a “distant passed pawn” is a pawn far away from the theatre of the main action.

Let us first examine positions in which both sides have one passed pawn. White generally wins easily when he has a protected passed pawn and the second black pawn is far outside the square of the white passed pawn. The protected passed b-pawn does not allow the black king to move farther than the e-file, so the distant passed h-pawn is doomed. White wins by getting inside the square and eliminating the h-pawn after which an easily won ending with a protected passed pawn will arise.


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