Composed Studies E-book: Pawn Endgames K+2P vs K+2P


The brilliant composer R. Reti also composed a superb study ( published in 1923 ) on the theme of the distant passed pawn. It is important to note that the squares g6/e7 and f5/f7 are squares of mutual zugzwang. That is, in the first case, Black to move would have to go to e6 ( the d-pawn cannot move due to Kf5 ) allowing White to queen with check. In the second case if the black king retreats to e7 ( if 2…Kg7 White will win by penetrating on e6 ) White will continue Kg6 with a transition to the first critical position. From this follows that White must react flexibly retaining options of playing Kg6 or Kf5, depending on the reply of his opponent.


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