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2.3. King and One Pawn versus King and One Pawn

Due to material equality these endings are generally drawn. However, in some situations the positional superiority may reach a critical point enabling a forced win. As a rule, the decisive factors are the better positioning and greater king activity, or in the case of passed pawns, their relative proximity to the promotion square. With regard to the essentially different problems and the strategies involved, we may distinguish the three basic types: pawns on same file pawns on adjacent files passed pawns

2.3.1. Pawns on Same File

When pawns are on the same file, a win is possible only if two basic conditions have been met:
1. The capture of the enemy pawn is possible
2. If following the capture one of the critical squares on the pawn’s way to promotion can be occupied.

Let us first examine the position researched by Grigoriev.

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