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Composed Studies E-book: Basic Endings E-book: Pawn Endgames Important Endings King and two Pawns versus King and Pawn


Of great practical importance are positions with a passed pawn on the bishop’s file and unblockaded rook’s pawns, especially those with the black pawn still on its initial square. Let us first examine a study by A. Bauer published in 1911. It is quite clear that it is convenient for Black to maintain his pawn on its initial square since advancing it to a6 leads to a lost ending ( see ending Fahrni – Alapin in diagram 65 ) . The pawn advance a5 is no better since the pawn would easily fall. Although by the correct strategy in this ending White can achieve considerable spatial superiority, the position is won due to a seemingly unimportant detail: the a-pawn still being on its initial position!! White to move wins by forcing his opponent to move the pawn from its ideal defensive position due to “stalemate”:



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I love this Endgame!