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2.4.3. Connected Pawns with One Passed Pawn

In endings of two connected pawns against one pawn, the weaker side’s drawing prospects are generally slim if the stronger side has a protected passed pawn. Depending on pawn’s relative mobility we may distinguish two basic types: a ) with fixed pawn structure b ) with mobile pawn structure In positions with a fixed pawn structure and one protected passed pawn, there is also a pair of blockaded pawns. The materially weaker side has some chances of salvation only exceptionally, that is, when its pawn has crossed the middle of the board. We shall first examine a position with blockaded pawns on the fourth and fifth ranks. In this situation the protected passed pawn represents a huge advantage. Black would be helpless even if the white king were far; the a4 pawn is invulnerable since the passed b-pawn would be much quicker.

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