Martinovic Videki


  Very interesting opposite colour bishop endgame. At the end this game ended with the same position as the longest game in history of the World Championship matches.   Event: TCh-AUT 2018-19 Site: Austria AUT Date: 2018.11.15 White: Martinovic, Sasa WhiteElo: 2563 Black: Videki, Sandor BlackElo: 2400 Result: 1/2-1/2  

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R-305 (Vancura)

  Let us now examine positions with the black king imprisoned in the corner g7. Pay attention to the word imprisoned since the threat a7 with the winning backblow of the rook, the black king must not leave the safety area restricted to squares f7-f6-h6-h7. At first sight one can conclude that Black is helpless […]

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  Rook and Pawn versus Bishop White’s material advantage is so big that the win is only the matter of elementary technique. When, however, Black blocks the square in front of the passed pawn with both pieces, the way to win is extremely difficult, and sometimes even impossible. Relative positions of kings and pawns are […]

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