Composed Studies E-book: Queen Endgames Q vs 2P


If black king has not managed to go in front of his pawns, there is possibility to force the pawn taking only if white king controls one of squares near the pawns: (c2, c3 or c4, and on the other side f2, f3 or f4). How to win in position with white king on g1 showed B. Horwitz and I. Kling in their 1851. study. White to move wins by moving his queen to f2 with a tempo!


GM Vlatko Kovacevic

Vlado Kovacevic is a chess grandmaster and an endgame expert. He very successfully competed on the national team. From 2000 – 2004, he acted as selector of the Croatian Men’s national team. He is also a well-known chess author.