E-book: Queen Endgames Q vs 2P


Isolated pawns

In general, isolated pawns are weaker then connected pawns,so usually queen has no problems against them. Queen is much stronger even if both pawns are on seventh rank in case none of them is rook pawn or bishop pawn. Typical method to fight against two isolated pawns is illustrated in following example ( A. Cheron 1945. ) . Winning plan consists of putting a queen in front of one pawn with a tempo, namely with a double attack, which forces enemy king to stand in the way of one of his pawns.


GM Vlatko Kovacevic

Vlado Kovacevic is a chess grandmaster and an endgame expert. He very successfully competed on the national team. From 2000 – 2004, he acted as selector of the Croatian Men’s national team. He is also a well-known chess author.