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7.2. Rook and Two Pawns versus Rook

Like in knight and bishop endings, the advantage of two pawns is usually sufficient to win, but the final decision is on pawn structure and the activity of pieces. Thus, we will devide these endings in three groups: a ) Connected pawns, b ) Isolated pawns, c ) Doubled pawns

a ) Connected pawns

Connected pawns are very powerful and in addition to other pieces’ support, usually easily win. The nearer they are to the promotion square, the more valuable they are, but the less valuable is their position along the edge of the board because the white king has less manoeuvre space there. Since realizing advantage with non-rim pawns is often trivially simple, fundamental principles of play in these endgames will be examined on slightly more complex examples with rim pawns. The win with connected pawns is the simplest when the black king is in front of pawns, while cutting off along the rank may permanently exclude it from play.


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GM Vlatko Kovacevic

Vlado Kovacevic is a chess grandmaster and an endgame expert. He very successfully competed on the national team. From 2000 – 2004, he acted as selector of the Croatian Men’s national team. He is also a well-known chess author.