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Even though it is impossible to drive the black king towards the edge of the board in Rook versus Bishop Endgames, we shall in detail examine the strategy of the battle with the king “driven” to the edge. Namely, in Rook and Pawn versus Bishop endgames, the win could often be achieved only by sacrificing a pawn, with transition to that kind of position. Let us first examine a typical position, unfavourable for Black, with the king at the edge of the board, in order to understand the crucial meaning of opposition and the way to make use of this huge advantage. This position was examined in detail by I. Kling and B. Horwitz ages ago, in 1851. Despite being very close to the lifesaving “opposite” corner, the black king is in great danger because there is a mating threat “in the air”. The evaluation of the position depends on who is to move. White to move wins because he can use tempo to transfer his rook onto the eighth rank in time and before the black king escapes from the deadly hug of the opposition.


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GM Vlatko Kovacevic

Vlado Kovacevic is a chess grandmaster and an endgame expert. He very successfully competed on the national team. From 2000 – 2004, he acted as selector of the Croatian Men’s national team. He is also a well-known chess author.