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In the position with the pawn on the bishop’s file, a big surprise is awaiting us with the blocked pawn on the sixth rank. Within grandmaster’s plays this position first appeared in the game Szabo – Botvinnik ( Budapest, 1952 ) , but was examined in detail in 1750 by Ercole de Rio. White to move cannot win, although the position is very similar to the one in example 230. The pawn’s move by a file nearer to the edge of the board, the bishop’s defending diagonal a2-g8 is extended by one square, so it will not be possible to send the bishop away from it.


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GM Vlatko Kovacevic

Vlado Kovacevic is a chess grandmaster and an endgame expert. He very successfully competed on the national team. From 2000 – 2004, he acted as selector of the Croatian Men’s national team. He is also a well-known chess author.