E-book: Rook and Minor Piece Endgames R vs B+2P


Rook against Bishop and Two Pawns

Bishop and Two Pawns are in endgame usually much stronger than a rook. Evaluation of the position mostly depends on pawn structure, distance to promotion square and piece activity. We will divide these endgames accordingly: with connected pawns, with isolated (disconnected)  pawns, with doubled pawns.

a ) Endings with connected pawns

In these endings, bishop and two pawns overpower the sole rook. If the side with the rook ( for simplicity it will always be White ) can save the game depends not only on how far away are the pawns from the promotion square, but also on how far away are from the edge of the board and on king and rook activity. If the white king is in front of the pawn, while his rook is active at the back, the game is usually drawn provided that the pawns had not gone too far. With connected pawns on the third rank, Black wins if at least one of them is on the central line. A typical position with central pawns on the third rank was studied by G. Lasa in 1843.


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