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1. Saric-Hoolt Video

Do Not Hurry! Rook and Minor Piece Endgames The Bishop Pair Video Series: The Strength of The Bishop Pair

Event: “Bundesliga 2017/18” Site: “Berlin GER” Date: “2018.05.01” Round: “15.3” Result: “1-0” White: “Ivan Saric” Black: “Sarah Hoolt” ECO: “C10” WhiteElo: “2662” BlackElo: “2423”       ← Previous VideoNext Video →…

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GM, FT Ivan Saric

Grandmaster Ivan Šarić is former European champion (2018) and former World champion U18 (2008). His peak rating was 2703. Ivan is also a FIDE Trainer with 10+ years of teaching experience.