Selman 1941

Selman, 1941.

Composed Studies N vs P Theme of the Month 11/20: Knight versus Pawn


Our theme of the month for November is Knight versus Pawn. These seemingly simple endings can hide amazing knight maneuvers. Although there are positions where the knight and king can checkmate the enemy king locked-in at the corner of the board, usually a knight has to stop the pawn and save the draw. The first example is a study by John Selman in which the pawn wins, but White has to find a few precise king moves.



Black wants to achieve this kind of position:

Knight has achieved drawing setup
Knight has achieved the drawing setup









Here the knight has free squares on both sides of the pawn which secures the control of the promotion square. White king cannot drive the knight away and draw is inevitable.




CM, FI Boris Sudar

CM, FI Boris Sudar

Boris Sudar graduated at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb. Boris holds FIDE titles: Candidate Master and FIDE Instructor.