Svidler-Carlsen, Minor Piece Endgame

Svidler – Carlsen

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Very unpleasant ending to defend but the world champion did it without a mistake.

Event: 34th ECC Open 2018
Date: 2018.10.18
White: Svidler, Peter
WhiteElo: 2756
Black: Carlsen, Magnus
BlackElo: 2839
Result: 1/2-1/2



1.  In the open position with pawns on both sides bishop is usually better than knight. Very often it depends on the activities of kings.
2.  To enter the pawn endgame where the stronger side has a passed pawn, it is very important to find counterplay on the side where we are stronger.
3.  Of all endings, in the pawns endgame correct calculation is most important.



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