R 698


  For the weaker side, the position with the rook behind the opponent’s outside passed pawn is most favorable. When his rook is laterally positioned, White can only win if the king can support the advance of the passed pawn. But this opens up the possibility of salvation by reducing the material. We see the […]

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R 696


  When an outside passed pawn is blocked by an opponent’s rook, the win can be achieved in two basic ways: by penetrating the king among the opponent’s pawns or by penetrating the king towards the passed pawn to break the blockade. In the latter case, the result depends on the pawn’s proximity to the […]

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R 654


  b) Endings with passed pawns Also in the endings with passed pawns the condition for a win is a great positional advantage. The weaker side’s strategy depends primarily on the king’s position. If his king is near his own pawns, he usually draws by creating a passed pawn. When his king is not near […]

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