Inarkiev-Lan Pawn Endgame

Inarkiev – Lan

  In this game a much weaker player by rating had a chance to crash a former European champion. Critical position: Everything revolves around who will end up in zugzwang. Event: TCh-CHN 2019 Date: 2019.04.10 White: Inarkiev, E. WhiteElo: 2692 Black: Lan, Zilun BlackElo: 2333 Result: 1/2-1/2    

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Solak-Saric rook endgame


  Very complex rook endgame. White is a pawn up but it’s not easy to move his kingside pawns. Black has a threat …Rd2 and White has to think about it immediately. Event: Istanbul ol (Men) 40th Date: 2012.08.31 White: Solak, Dragan WhiteElo: 2599 Black: Saric, Ivan BlackElo: 2638 Result: 1/2-1/2    

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  A somewhat more complex case arose in the game Pomar – Cuartas, Olot, 1974, pointing out yet another weakness of the doubled pawns. At first sight it might appear that Black to move loses since White is threatening to force zugzwang by a roundabout manoeuvre.   ← Basic EndingsBasic Endings →

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  Unexpected solutions are sometimes hidden beneath the apparently perfectly clear situations thus corroborating the Indian saying “Chess is a sea in which a fly can swim and an elephant drown”. A case in point is a study by L. Kubbel in 1922. White seems to be hopelessly lost since the black king is already […]

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