COMPLEX QUEEN ENDINGS Although in endgames with a greater number of pawns increases the variety and abundance of strategic and tactical ideas, there are still two motifs that determine positional advantage. The existence of a passed pawn, that is, the ability to create passed pawn, is almost always a great advantage, and also great […]

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  Great piece activity can easily compensate loss of one pawn, while two pawns down can only be compensated by mate threats or quick pawn advances towards promotion squares. There is no universal recipe for such complex positions, but concrete calculation is required with every tempo taken in account. In this regard, very instructive is […]

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  More complex rook endgames The basic principles underlying the game strategy in elementary rook endings can serve as a benchmark for choosing the right game plan in more complex positions. The positional advantage comes from several different segments, which can be grouped into three basic groups: a) better pawn structure (tremendous power of outside […]

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