In a similar position, sometimes a reduction of material cannot save the weaker side even if it is attacking the remaining pawn by both the king and bishop. This rare case occurred in the game of the former world champion Max Euwe and the first ladies’ world champion- the legendary Vera Menchik, Hastings, 1930. […]

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Inarkiev-Lan Pawn Endgame

Inarkiev – Lan

  In this game a much weaker player by rating had a chance to crash a former European champion. Critical position: Everything revolves around who will end up in zugzwang. Event: TCh-CHN 2019 Date: 2019.04.10 White: Inarkiev, E. WhiteElo: 2692 Black: Lan, Zilun BlackElo: 2333 Result: 1/2-1/2    

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Carlsen-Caruana, WCh Rapid TB 2018

  Event: WCh Rapid TB 2018 Date: “2018.11.28 White: Carlsen, M. WhiteElo: 2835 Black: Caruana, F. BlackElo: 2832 Result: 1-0 World Championship match: First game of rapid. This endgame was probably the key moment in the match because after this game Magnus just rushed and took the title again. This is very complex rook endgame. […]

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  Event: 4th Croatian league White: Jurkovic, Dinko WhiteElo: 1745 Black: Maravic, Ivan BlackElo: 1836 Result: 0-1 Taking things too easy, even in a dead draw positions, often lead to unpleasant surprises. In this game Black effectively utilized his opponent’s careless attitude.   Similar breakthrough motif is well-known from the classic example Kotov-Botvinnik. Related Posts:

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  An even more complicated case of fighting the breakthrough is shown in a study by N. Grigoriev published in 1930. The white g-pawn has paralyzed both enemy pawns; White would win easily by advancing the distant a- passed pawn if Black did not threaten a breakthrough involving the sacrifice of the f-pawn. Since then […]

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