Selman 1941

Selman, 1941.

  Our theme of the month for November is Knight versus Pawn. These seemingly simple endings can hide amazing knight maneuvers. Although there are positions where the knight and king can checkmate the enemy king locked-in at the corner of the board, usually a knight has to stop the pawn and save the draw. The […]

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  Event: “43rd Olympiad 2018” Site: “Batumi GEO” White: “Vidit, Santosh Gujrathi” WhiteElo: “2711” Black: “L’Ami, Erwin” BlackElo: “2639” Result: “1/2-1/2” One of the most interesting things about queen endings is that the queen with g and h pawns versus queen cannot win with the best defence. Of course, in practical game, various factors such […]

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  7.2. Rook and Two Pawns versus Rook Like in knight and bishop endings, the advantage of two pawns is usually sufficient to win, but the final decision is on pawn structure and the activity of pieces. Thus, we will devide these endings in three groups: a ) Connected pawns, b ) Isolated pawns, c […]

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