Event: “43rd Olympiad 2018” Site: “Batumi GEO” White: “Vidit, Santosh Gujrathi” WhiteElo: “2711” Black: “L’Ami, Erwin” BlackElo: “2639” Result: “1/2-1/2” One of the most interesting things about queen endings is that the queen with g and h pawns versus queen cannot win with the best defence. Of course, in practical game, various factors such […]

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  Correctly positioned bishop – along the b1-h7 diagonal – draws even when the h-pawn is on the fifth rank! This has been known ever since the duel Morphy – Loewenthal ( London, 1858 ) . White to move cannot win since his h-pawn had gone too far!   ← Basic EndingsBasic Endings →

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  Of great importance for tournament play are the motifs of cutting off the black king from the promotion square. First, let us examine cutting off along the seventh rank, with an example from the study by A. Cheron ( 1944 ) . Black to move easily draws with 1…Rc8! blocking the white king’s passage […]

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