A study by J. Bechting, published in 1894, is considered as the classic reference on the theme of the well-timed leaving of the pawn’s square. White’s pawns have advanced far but converting this advantage into victory is made difficult due to the good position of the black king. If the black king were at […]

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  In positions with no passed pawn but with a mobile pawn structure, the materially stronger side generally wins easily. The reason is that it has at least one reserve tempo at its disposal. By means of this reserve pawn move the opponent will be forced to leave the opposition at the critical moment and […]

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  If white king is placed on the sixth rank in front of the pawn, the game is always won ( the only exception naturally being the rook’s pawns ) . The vital difference in regard to the previous examples is that White has at his disposal a “reserve” pawn move enabling him to “regain” […]

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