Rezan Brkic pawn endgame

Režan-Brkić, pawn endgame

  This position could have arisen in the game Rezan-Brkic,Zadar open 2015. During the game I thought this pawn endgame should be a draw, but after the game I found very interesting idea which doesn’t bring a victory for Black but makes the white defense more difficult.   Event: Zadar open 2015 Date: 2015.12. White: […]

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  When, in a similar position, the white king is too far away, he can sometimes avoid defeat in a miraculous way. The following two studies testify to the depth and inexhaustible beauty of the game of chess. Let us first look at the study of the brothers V. and M. Platov from 1906.  

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  In the position with the “wrong-coloured” bishop, the basic saving idea consists of bringing the king in front of the pawn, even at the cost of the knight sacrifice. Kovalenko’s 1976. study (presented with the colors reversed)  is an attractive implementation of this idea. Black draws on the move because he can prevent the […]

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