Practical EndGames Analysis Q+2P vs Q


Event: “43rd Olympiad 2018”
Site: “Batumi GEO”
White: “Vidit, Santosh Gujrathi”
WhiteElo: “2711”
Black: “L’Ami, Erwin”
BlackElo: “2639”
Result: “1/2-1/2”

One of the most interesting things about queen endings is that the queen with g and h pawns versus queen cannot win with the best defence. Of course, in practical game, various factors such as time trouble, can increase problems for the weaker side.



1. These queen endgames with g and h pawns are drawn.

2. Time is a big factor in this endgame. If a stronger side does not have time it does not matter that much because he can play many moves, but for the weaker side time is bigger problem because in some position he can only save himself with unique moves.

3. Stalemate is one of the main motifs in this endgame.

4. White should carefully push the pawns forward because the king will need to be hidden from the checks of the opposite side.

GM, FT Ante Brkic

Ante Brkić is a Croatian Chess Grandmaster and a FIDE Trainer. He won the Croatian Chess Championship in 2010. Ante was a member of the national team many times. His peak rating was 2621.